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Dental Equipment

Dental equipment is essential to the safe and successful practice of dentistry. Modern technology sees new advances in dental equipment all the time, and it is important for dentists to maintain appropriate technology when it comes to dental equipment. There are many different kinds of dental equipment, and some dental gear will need replacement with each use while other dental equipment should last a significant amount of time.

If you are looking to purchase dental equipment, check our unique database to find the top Australian suppliers of dental equipment. You can search for equipment suppliers in your local area or simply use the interactive listings to find quotes and save money on your overheads. Contact a listed professional today to find dental equipment.

Common Dental Equipment

Dental equipment ranges from the inexpensive and common to the highly specialise tools of different dental experts. We have put together a list of common dental equipment you can expect to see on your next visit to the dentist.

  • Dental Chair - The dental chair is central to any patient's experience, and it also provides a very practical use for dentists. The ability to control heights and angles is essential to dental chairs, and a quality, reliable dental chair should be an important part of any dental surgery.
  • Mouth Mirror - One of the most common but important tools of every dentist is the mouth mirror, which provides vital angles and information on a patient's dental condition. Make sure you are never short on mouth mirrors.
  • Dental Drills - While some patient's may dread this piece of dental equipment, it is a necessary tool in most practices of dentistry.
  • Burs and Excavators - These important items of dental equipment are a part of the routine for most dental practices. Often these tools use diamond tips and stainless steel.

Depending on the type of dentist, there will be many more common and specialist tools required throughout the practice of most dentistry. To find about more about the tools you may need, speak to an expert today about dental equipment.