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Endodontics Only specialises in Endodontists and is located in Southport, QLD.
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Endodontists are available to help you out with your required dental procedures right now. Just browse our extensive Australia wide dentist network to discover and endodontists near you. There is nothing worse than having a toothache and jaw pain, so if you feel like you may need root canal or other major dental work, contact one of our listed professionals today to speak about endodontists.

What Is An Endodontist?

Endodontists are specialist dentists that have undertaken extra training to be able to perform root canal procedures. Root canal and endodontic treatment are terms often used interchangeably as they mean the same thing. Endodontists often specialise in this procedure only.

What Is Involved In Root Canal?

Root canal treatment involves removing dead or inflamed dental pulp from inside a tooth. Dental pulp is soft tissue that runs through the centre of a tooth. Once a tooth is fully formed, it can be used normally with the pulp, and after the pulp is removed, the tooth is normally filled to avoid further infection.

Treatment may take several visits, and often, a crown or bridge is required after the procedure. Where once tooth extraction was the only solution for problems of this kind, root canal or endodontic treatment can save your teeth and allow them to remain fully functional.

How Long Will The Restored Tooth Last?

Most endodontists agree that the restored tooth should last a lifetime. However, you must still practice normal dental hygiene and return for dental check-ups to ensure there are no future problems.

Call one of our listed professionals today to speak about endodontists.