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Foundation Dental Services specialises in Oral Pathologists and is located in Albany Creek, QLD.
699 Albany Creek Rd, Albany Creek QLD 4035
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Oral Pathologists

Oral pathologists specialise in non-surgical treatment of gum and mouth diseases from gingival (gum) bleeding and halitosis (bad breath) to more serious conditions such as chronic gum problems relating to other health issues or oral cancer. Oral pathologists may also be called maxillofacial pathologists, and this specialised area of dentistry requires additional training.

The job of oral pathologists involves the identification and management of different oral diseases, and it also involves looking at the cause and effects of the disease. In many cases, a general dentist will refer patients to an oral pathologist when advanced diseases set in or standard treatment fails to fix the condition. With, you can use a dynamic database to search you local area for oral pathologists.

What Conditions Do Oral Pathologists Treat?

Oral pathologists most commonly treat dental decay and periodontal disease, but the spectrum of conditions can range into rare and more serious circumstances. In some cases, and oral pathologist may allow a general dentist to administer treatment, such as when a general dentist sends a biopsy to an oral pathologist. However, some oral pathologists deal with patients first hand.

In the case of oral cancer, an oral pathologist may work with radiographers or other professionals to administer treatment. When detected early, oral cancer is often curable, and people who smoke or have frequent UV exposure are the most likely to develop oral cancer. Contact one of our listed professionals today to speak to oral pathologists.